Speculative Housing - 6 West Overcliff Drive, Bournemouth

Our Clients for this project had previously obtained Planning Approval for a block of 6 flats on the site. They had attempted to increase the number of flats to 8, but Planning Approval had been refused by the local Authority and on Appeal.

Our brief was to obtain Planning Approval for 8 flats. The illustrations on this page show our initial proposals which unfortunately were refused by both the Local Planning Authority and the Department of the Environment on Appeal on aesthetic grounds, because the site is within a Conservation Area. This was despite the support of the Area Planning Officer, the Councils' Conservation Architect and the local Civic Society and our Clients enthusiasm for the design. However, the building footprint, site planning and density criteria were all accepted by the Planning Authority, and we subsequently obtained Planning Approval for a block of eight flats of similar plan form, but within a more conventional pitched roof envelope.

This scheme was implemented by Barratt Homes,  leaving us to rue the loss of a great opportunity to build a piece of modern architecture in Bournemouth that would have demonstrated that contemporary design and speculative housing can be compatible.


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