Leisure - Bournemouth Lifeguards Corps.

This scheme for Bournemouth Lifeguards on a fabulous site on the seafront at Durley Chine, Bournemouth is designed to provide permanent facilities for all their activities, and an enlarged boathouse to accommodate between two and four boats.


The proposal provides an operational base for the Lifeguards  incorporating lookout and com-munications posts, and training facilities for the Corps. The Lifeguards also provide a First Aid service for the general public which is to be located on the ground floor immediately off the promenade. Also included is a new Beach Office, public conveniences and mess room facilities for Council beach Employees.


The underlying idea behind the proposal is that the coastline just above the High Water Mark is an entity in itself, being not quite either land or sea, but almost a combination of the two.  The design deliberately incorporates maritime associations and attempts to reflect the location by combining imagery of the coast and cliffs with that of ships and the sea, attempting to acknowledge the striking similarities between Martello towers and ships funnels on one hand, and between cliffs/sea walls and ships hulls on the other.


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