Commercial - 37-39 Oxford Road, Bournemouth

This project is in the centre of the commercial  zone of Bournemouth Town Centre. Although Planning Approval was originally obtained in 1991, implementation of the scheme has been delayed. The scheme consists of approximately 60,000 square feet (gross) of offices in an eleven storey block with basement car parking. Open office areas on each floor are served by circulation and services accommodation at the front with an emergency escape stairs at the rear.


By proposing a mechanical stacking car parking system, the design requires only one semi basement level plus one surface deck level for parking. The use of this system has given the developer 50% more lettable area than he anticipated when we were commissioned for the project.


The site is immediately opposite Homelife House, another office block of similar size and scale designed in a curvaceous style often likened to a 1930s radio set. This building is a prominent local landmark, and our building will be similarly conspicuous when completed.


The design intention was to create a building different from, but complementary to, Homelife House, so the scheme is faceted and angular as a deliberate contrast to Homelife House.


In early 2003 an alternative low-rise scheme for the site. was commissioned by the client.


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