Commercial - 121 High Street, Poole

Our Clients for this project, stationery and gifts suppliers Bitz, originally wished to insert a new ground floor shopfront beneath an extremely un-attractive upper facade made of mustard coloured corrugated metal sheeting. (Photo, bottom right)

Poole Borough Council wanted to use this an opportunity to upgrade the appearance of the High Street, and offered Bitz an improvement grant to create a better facade for the whole building.

We presented Poole Borough Council Planning Department and Bitz with a number of alternative proposals for the project, and the Planners finally chose this scheme as the most appropriate for the site.

The new facade consists of five oval shaped stainless steel columns 600mm deep and 300mm wide, which support the frameless sheets of glass between them. The shopfront has clear glass, the first floor is opaque, whilst the top section consists of black glass covering a blockwork parapet wall. The whole facade is capped with a stainless steel projecting oval-section coping.

We were delighted to have been encouraged by the Local Authority to design a very contemporary facade to complement the many historic buildings in the High Street. Although the materials are definitely 21st century, their low key neutral colouring ensures that the facade blends in with the surrounding environment. We believe that his project demonstrates that totally modern designs can enhance even the most traditional areas.


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