Speculative Housing - 12 Marston Road, New Milton

Our Clients for this project, Drew Properties New Milton Ltd. asked us to maximise the potential of the site for housing development. It is situated in an area of low density housing developed mainly in the 1950s, and the site contained one life expired bungalow.


Dividing the plot into four, with access from both Marston Road and Cull Lane seemed to offer the best solution.


The properties are chalet bungalows with a central core utilising the whole cross section of the building envelope. This core contains the Living Room, Dining Hall and staircase at ground floor level, giving a dual aspect to the main living spaces, with a bridge linking the two areas of accommodation at each side at first floor level. High level roof windows on both elevations  bring light and sunshine into all parts of the living and dining areas at different times of day throughout the year.  The two dwellings on Marston Road are detached, and the two on Cull Lane are semi-detached with a shared access.


Illustrations: Ground floor, first floor plans and elevations, dwelling 1 left, site plan, right


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